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***WEST KY ATV PARK will be closed Nov. 9-24. After Nov. 24 park hours will be 7 a.m.-2 p.m. M-F until April 4, 2020.


***The West Kentucky ATV Recreational Area is seeking part time employees for the Saturday and Sunday hours of operation. Applications may be obtained at the Hopkins County Judge Executive’s office located at 56 North Main Street in Madisonville, KY. Any questions can be answered by calling the West Kentucky Recreational Area Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM at 270-383-5190.***

The Hopkins County Fiscal Court is proud to announce the future development of The Off-Road Recreational Trails Area in Western Kentucky, made possible through a partnership with the Hopkins County Fiscal Court and The National Park Service’s Recreational Trails Grant Program.

The 20.6 mile Off-Road Recreational Trails Area includes a gravel parking lot, trailhead, and restroom facilities.  It is built on 856 acres of reclaimed strip mine, located outside of the rural community of Barnsley in Western Kentucky.

86 miles from Nashville Tennessee                         

130 miles from Louisville Kentucky

52 miles from Paducah Kentucky

170 miles away from St Louis

Amenities & Information:


Hours:  7:00AM-6:00PM Saturdays  |  10:00AM-6:00PM Sundays  |  Monday-Friday 7:00AM-2:00PM  |  CLOSED State and Federal Holidays

Men's and Women's Bathroom

Shelter House and Picnic Area

20.6 miles of Marked Trails

1 mile from Earlington Kentucky ATV Recreational Area located at Hwy 1337, Earlington KY 42410.  Or visit Earlingtonatvpark.com

Hotels and Lodging within 7 Miles in Madisonville, KY see:  www.visitmadisonvilleky.com

To learn more about being environmetally responsible while enjoying outdoor activities (such as ATV riding), please visit Tread Lightly at



West Kentucky ATV Recreational Area :   Rules and Regulations

1. Operating a vehicle in a manner that damages, mutilates, or removes any natural feature or other property is prohibited. This includes mud bogging, mudding, and creation of new trails.

2. Riding passengers on OHVs not designed to carry passengers is prohibited.

3. Passengers are allowed in vehicles built to carry passengers by the manufacturer and the vehicle must contain the following: enclosed metal cab, roll bar protection, and seatbelts. Golf carts are not permitted.

4. All users are required to wear DOT-approved motorcycle safety helmets while vehicles are in operation, except in vehicles with fully enclosed metal cabs and/or roll bar protection and seatbelts.

5. No person under age 16 may operate an ATV with an engine size exceeding 90cc displacement, and no person under age 12 may operate an ATV with an engine size exceeding 70cc displacement. (KY State Law 189.515)

6. Direct parental or adult supervision is required for all persons under the age of 16 years operating an OHV. (KY Revised Statute 189.515)

7. OHVs are to be operated from sunrise to sunset only. Legal riding hours are posted at gate.

8. Stay on designated trails. If a trail is not signed, it is not a legal trail.

9. Users must remain within the boundaries of the Area.

10. Operators/passengers of motorized vehicles, except motorcycles, ATVs, and six wheelers, must use a fastened seatbelt while the vehicle is in use.

11. All off-highway vehicles must be registered with the office of the West Kentucky ATV Recreational Area before being used on any trails. The registration must be properly displayed on the registered vehicle at all times. When the gatehouse is staffed registration may be obtained there.

12. All vehicles and operators must be in compliance with all state and federal laws.

13. OHVs must have properly functioning spark arresters and mufflers.

14. Hopkins County Government is neither liable nor responsible for damage, loss, or theft of personal property or for injuries to visitors.

15. Litter laws are strictly enforced. Users are expected to use the trash receptacles or to remove any trash they bring.

16. Anyone under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian’s signature to ride.

17. Kentucky state law prohibits the public consumption of alcohol.

18. All users must use existing trails appropriate for the size of their vehicle. Travel off of the trails is prohibited.

Warning: Rules violations will result in revocation of the permit and the holder being banned from the recreational area!!

ATV Liability Waiver

West Kentucky ATV Recreational Area Rules and Regulations

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