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2nd Reading of 2017-2018 County Budget to be Held June 27, 2017


The second reading and adoption of the Hopkins County budget ordinance for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 will be held in the Hopkins County Fiscal Courtroom, Hopkins County Government Center, 56 North Main Street, Madisonville, KY on Tuesday, June 27, 2017, at 10:00 a.m.



AN ORDINANCE relating to the annual budget and appropriations.


WHEREAS, the proposed budget was tentatively approved by the Fiscal Court on the 16th day of May, 2017, and approved as to form and classification by the State/Local Finance Officer on the  5th day of June,  2017.

SECTION ONE.  The following budget is adopted for the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 and the amounts stated below are appropriated for the purposes indicated.

(01)    General Fund

                   General Government                                              $  5,675,216

                   Protection to Persons and Property                                 371,175

                   General Health and Sanitation                                             400

                   Social Services                                                                        0                                                               

                   Recreation and Culture                                                  70,000 

                   Debt Service                                                                          0                                   

                   Capital projects                                                               20,000

                   Administration                                                                        0

                   General Services                                                            562,800

                   Contingent Appropriations                                             363,283

                   Fringe Benefits                                                           1,640,000

                   Other Government Agencies                                               1,000

                                                TOTAL                                      $   8,703,874

(02)    Road Fund

                   Transportation Facilities & Services                       $                  0                          

                   Roads                                                                3,006,800

                   Other Transportation Facilities & Services                                 0                                                                                   1,700,000

                   Debt Service                                                                   173,550

                   Capital Projects                                                           1,415,000                 

                   Administration                                                                         0

                   Contingent Appropriations                                              150,000

                   Fringe Benefits                                                              641,300

                                                TOTAL                                      $    5,386,650

(03)    Jail Fund

                   Protection to Persons and Property                         $   4,229,285

                   Social Services                                                           

                   Debt Service                                                        963,500

                   Capital Projects                                                                       0

                   General Services                                                                2,900

                   Contingent Appropriations                                               60,000

                   Fringe Benefits                                                           1,132,600

                                                TOTAL                                        $ 6,388,285

(04)    L.G.E.A.

                   General Government                                                $    934,160                            974,450

                   Protection to Persons and Property                                 160,000                            278,000

                   General Health & Sanitation                                       1,680,321

                   Social Services                                                              127,344

                   Recreation & Culture                                                     848,700

                   Transportation Facilities & Services                                         0                                

                   Roads                                                                  390,000

                   Debt Service (Limited to Applicable Categories)            

                   Capital Projects (Limited to Applicable Categories)       100,000

                   Contingent Appropriations                                             150,000

                   Fringe Benefits                                                              283,100

                   Other Government Agencies                                           110,000


                                                TOTAL                                         $ 4,783,625

          Other Funds:

                   Local Government Economic Development Grant    $   100,000

                   Contingent Appropriations                                         $ 3,912,000

SECTION TWO.  This Ordinance shall be published in The Messenger

newspaper by title and summary within thirty (30) days following adoption.

SECTION THREE.  This Ordinance becomes effective upon passage and publication.


All interested persons and organizations in Hopkins County are hereby notified that a copy of the County’s proposed budget in full is available for public inspection at the office of the County Judge/Executive during normal business hours.